Best Dental Implants in Turkey

There are several factors you should consider before getting dental implants in Turkey. First, you should ensure that the doctor you choose is an experienced general surgeon with good experience in the field. You can research a medical forum by reading patient stories or reading online reviews about specific doctors. In addition, you can always talk to a doctor who specializes in dental implant surgery to get a second opinion if you have any concerns. Moreover, you should look for a doctor who has a good reputation among patients. Secondly, you should look for a doctor who has a high success rate in dental implant surgery.

Dentram Dental Clinic

The Dentram Dental Clinic has a reputation for high-quality care and customer service. Founded in 1994 on Bagdat Avenue, the clinic is home to one of the most talented dental specialists in Turkey. Patients can expect to be treated like family, with a smile that looks as beautiful as possible. The staff speaks English, and the clinic offers guarantees for their work. There are many additional services available, as well, such as sedation dentistry.

The dentists at the Dentram Dental Clinic have extensive experience in installing all-on-4 dental implants, which takes a minimum of two weeks. The cost of the procedure is approximately twice as much as the price of other well-known dental implant brands. Professional dentists at the DentaTur dental clinic will recommend reputable constructions from world-known brands that have proven to be reliable. These clinics also offer transportation services for patients, so they can relax and recover at the same time.

Acibadem Bodrum Hospital

The Acibadem Bodrum Hospital offers dental implants in Turkey. It is part of the Acibadem hospital group, which has hospitals in different parts of Turkey. Its doctors are trained internationally and speak several languages. This hospital uses advanced technology and meets the high standards of international healthcare. Moreover, it offers a number of specialized procedures including Orthodontic Treatment.

The Acibadem Bodrum Hospital employs highly qualified dental surgeons who are dedicated to providing the best dental care. Their staff includes orthodontists, dentists, and maxillofacial specialists. They also offer translation services. Patients with dental fears are given special attention and are treated using deep sedation. Patients can also choose between local and general anesthesia, which makes the procedure more comfortable.

Estethica Atasehir

The Estethica Atasehir offers the best dental implants in Turkey. The clinic was opened by the Ethica Health Group in 2011 and now receives thousands of international patients every year. Services include dental bridges, veneers, and implants. Teeth whitening is also available. This dental clinic is accredited by the Turkish Medical Association. The staff is highly qualified and committed to providing the best dental care possible. The clinic was launched with the principle of “Healthy Beauty.” Professional doctors working in different units offer a variety of services, including cardiology and oral-dental health. It also offers hair transplantation. The clinic also has 12 patient rooms. Guests can enjoy five-star hotel comfort and a VIP transfer to and from the clinic. They are also able to communicate in English and Russian.

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