Are Dental Implants in Turkey Trustable?

There are a few key questions to ask yourself before considering getting dental implants in Turkey. First of all, what are the costs of dental implants in Turkey? Then, what is the quality of dental clinics in Turkey? And last but not least, what are the risks involved? This article will shed some light on these issues. Read on to discover the realities of getting dental implants in Turkey. Also, read on to find out the best places to get the procedure in Turkey.

Cost of dental implants in Turkey

When it comes to the cost of dental implants, you might be surprised to find that it can be as low as 70%. That makes it an extremely affordable option for many people. Often, dental implants in Turkey are done in two or three visits, and the procedure requires preparation treatments such as an extraction, bone graft, or sinus lift. The total time required for the procedure can range from one to three weeks, but the dentist will explain everything thoroughly and will work within your budget.

In Turkey, dental implants are considerably cheaper for international citizens than for residents of the country. The reason behind this is the country’s strong currency. Having a higher currency will translate into lower costs, so patients from other countries will benefit from the higher exchange rate. The procedure itself is not expensive, but a good dental clinic in Turkey should offer a guarantee of quality. This will give you peace of mind that the treatment will be performed in the best way possible.

Waiting time for dental implants in Turkey

In many cases, the waiting time for dental implants in Turkey is minimal. The reason for this is that the implant procedures are done with very minimal time investment and don’t require incisions in the gums. These procedures are done using a surgical guide that helps to determine the angles of the implant and minimize healing time. Another benefit of this treatment is that the dentists in Turkey are among the most experienced in their field.

The procedure will take about 14 days to complete. Once the implants have healed, the fixed prosthesis is prepared to replace them. This permanent prosthesis is created using the Malo Bridge method. The bridge is made of titanium and is designed to provide a natural look and decrease pressure on the implants. The patient’s new tooth can be in place in less than three months. In general, the All on 6 implants procedure in Turkey requires 14 days.

Quality of dental clinics in Turkey

In 2018, Global Clinic Rating, a provider of healthcare clinic ratings worldwide, surveyed dental clinics in Turkey. They rated each clinic according to its GCR Score, which compares the dental clinic to those in other countries. The score is based on patient feedback, and includes patient ratings from independent rating providers such as Google and Facebook. Moreover, the clinic’s staff members and facilities are rated by patients. Consequently, patients can be sure that the clinic offers the best dental care available.

Turkish dentists are highly experienced, and are members of reputable international organizations. They employ the latest and most modern technologies in dentistry. They are known as pioneers of aesthetic and digital dentistry. They have performed thousands of cases and are 70% cheaper than physicians in the United States and Europe. Moreover, their expertise and experience make them the perfect choice for cosmetic procedures and complex dental procedures.

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